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Victorian Calling Cards

By JannyC


It was Queen Victoria in the late 1800’s that started the calling card movement. From there it spread to other parts of the world including the United States. It was to be a way of new social etiquette and communication for a woman’s social life when she went visiting.

The Use of the Calling Card in the Victorian Era

The calling card was actually a form of etiquette in Victorian times. Victorian era calling cards could come in many styles from simple black and white, colored or with some detailed design. They could be used as a form of communication in many ways. On the card would be the name of the person who was leaving the card, and perhaps a message that would be written on a corner of the calling card and folded over. What corner you put your message in also meant something too. If you were just leaving a friendly message you would write it in the top left corner and fold that corner over. If the message was in congratulations on a wedding, new baby, engagement, or things like that then the message would be written in the bottom left corner. Writing a message in the bottom left corner meant a message of farewell and have a safe trip. A message on the bottom right is where you would write your condolences of a loss.

Now Victorian calling cards worked in several ways as mentioned. One way was you would arrive at a person’s door at the social time of the day and knock. The servant then would answer with a silver tray in hand in which the person would then place their calling card on the tray. The servant would then take the tray with the card to the Master or Mistress of the home if they were home to decided if the person should be received or not. If they Master or Mistress of the home was not home the card would be left to let them know you came a calling. Calling cards were used in away to help you keep track of who visited you and who you should visit in return, or should not visit. In a way calling cards acted like our modern day caller ID. For if you left a calling card, and did not get a reply back it was a sign the person did not want further communication with you.

Another way calling cards were used is what we refer to today the Thank you card. Calling cards were often send to the host/ hostess after weddings, luncheons, baptism, tea parties as a sort of courtesy thank you, or congratulations as well. The calling card though has not gone to the wayside. The calling card has just evolved as we use forms of calling cards today like those of business cards, and thank you cards.



SKYTEX Primer 7" Color E-reader and Media Player

By JannyC


What would you say if you were told you could carry your favorite books, movies and music all in one it won’t hurt your pocket book device? Can’t believe it? Then check out the SKYTEX Primer 7” Color E- reader and Media player. The SKYTEX Primer comes at you with a 7 inch color LCD screen with an 800 x 480 resolution. The SKYTEXT Primer lets you listen to music, watch movies, videos, read, and buy eBooks (you can even rent eBooks from the library.). You can also view photos, and listen to FM radio as well. The SKYTEX Primer will support most of your eBook formats like epub, PDF, txt, and html.


This may seem all nice, but what makes the SKYTEX Primer standout above all the other E-readers and media players out there? For one it is highly affordable. In fact it is considered to be the best affordable media player out there on the market. It also affordably combines all your media needs into one convenient device, which many other affordable priced E-readers do not do completely. The SKYTEX Primer Color can house up to 1000 eBooks, songs, photos, a nice selection of feature length movies, or videos. It can all be stored all on the built in 2GB storage unit. If you need more room do not worry you can expand it up to 16 GB by purchasing some micro SD cards. The SKYTEXT Primer also features recording software, speakers, along with a Mic. This can surprisingly be a handy feature if you ever need to jot down an epiphany you had while waiting at the sop light with no pen and paper on you. Need to pick up milk after work? Record it using the recording software on your E-reader so you do not forget. Can any other E-reader offer that?

If you are wondering if the SKYTEX Primer has any compatibility features it does. Your Primer can connect it to any PC, Laptop, or MAC to transfer all your media off of there on to the Primer Color E- reader. You then can take it on the road with you its as easy as that. So If you are wishing for device that can carry all your favorite thing like books, movies, music, and videos all in one convenient device, well then your wish has been granted in the SKYTEX Primer Color E-reader and Media Player.